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​We listen to our patients. After receiving great care from Dr. Galfund, many of them want to share stories of their experience with others. We'd love to hear from you too! Leave a note at the front desk or give us a call! We appreciate your feedback! 

"I couldn't ask for a better dentist than Dr. Galfund! His examinations are always thorough (including throat cancer checks) and the pain has always been minimal for me thanks to Dr. Galfund's expert care. He has an awesome staff. Jen and Tara are both so friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Galfund to anyone looking for dental care."

​-Kristen S

"Very professional and efficient, as always."

​-Maryanne B

"Everyone was pleasant and did a great job, always a good experience at the Galfund Family Dentistry." 

-Louis C

"Dr. Galfund is guided by patient concerns of pain, and anxiety and has always risen very compassionately to the occasion to provide highly skilled, and empathetic care. An excellent doctor."

"As always, a pleasant experience."

-Josephine B

"I had an emergency late on a Friday afternoon. I called the office expecting to reach the answering service. Dr. Galfund answered and asked if I could come in that evening. He repaired the tooth and saved the rest of my Thanksgiving weekend."

​-Bruce M

"Dr. Galfund and his staff are wonderful. My entire family goes to Galfund Family Dentistry. My dental health has never been so good. I would highly recommend Dr. Galfund."

-Jodie K 

"​Thanks Dr. Matt for your analysis and advice with a caring manner. It is so appreciated. You did a great job!"

-Stephen V