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From the start of the pandemic, your health and safety have been our top priority, as noted by several patients we treated on an emergency basis until we opened up. We are currently open to treat patients for all aspects of dental care. The CDC, NJDA and the ADA have come up with guidelines and protocols for seeing and treating patients in this unprecedented time. Galfund Family Dentistry meets and exceeds these guidelines.


We understand the uncertainty of the current situation and the anxiety that comes with it. As always, we want you to be as healthy as possible. There is a proven connection between your oral health and your overall health, so we have taken many steps to make the office as safe as possible to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission and ensure that we can continue to maintain your oral health.

On this page: What We're Doing | COVID-19 Era Testimonials

What We’re Doing

We have hospital-grade infection control to protect you, as well as our staff. Here are some of our safety precautions:

  • Everyone on our staff is fully vaccinated with the booster shot and will continue to follow CDC guidance on future vaccination updates.

  • We have a water purification system and hospital-grade air filtration/purification.

  • We request all patients wear masks upon entering and leaving the office.

  • Our staff that is examining you wears N95s or KN95s in addition to gowns over our scrubs

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call our office at 201-768-5697. We want to create an environment where you feel safe and understand everyone has varying levels of comfort.


"Thank you Dr. Matt Galfund. I had a tooth emergency and he was able to see me and made sure my safety was their first concern. Wendy got me in there expediently and everything was sterile and the work was amazing and painless. They are two amazing people in our community so we need to support the businesses that support us!!! My tooth had broken and needed to be repaired. They got me in fast, and Matt did an outstanding job with the tooth. I am so grateful to him and will continue to see him as needed."

--Christen D., Norwood, NJ


"Although I was not a patient of Dr. Galfunds’ during the start of Covid-19 quarantine, I was in need of urgent dental care. Dr. Galfund took all necessary steps to ensure a clean and safe operating environment, while still providing an exceptional level of service."

--Claire L., Tappan, NY


"It was a Saturday morning that I woke up with terrible tooth pain. I hadn’t been to a dentist in a long time as I have a horrible fear, and I neglect check ups because of this. I knew Dr. Galfund's wife, Wendy, from Facebook who entertains me and is so delightfully crazy that I just knew her husband could handle me, too! I reached out to her via Facebook and after they came back from moving their daugter out of college, he came in to see me on Saturday night. He was so calm and kept me calm. He talked to me about his thoughts regarding my tooth issue before putting anything in my mouth. When it came time for the exam, he was very gentle and gave me breaks to calm my nerves. I not only had my dental problem resolved that night but I broke though some life long fears. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Galfund. I think I might have found myself a new dentist!!"

-- Jessica S., Harrington Park, NJ


"I started to feel a pain in my tooth during quarantine and my dentist was closed. I spoke to a friend who is a hygienist in a practice and she spoke very highly of the Dr. Galfund. I decided to call him and he was happy to see me. I am very afraid of going to the dentist. I made that clear to him and he was beyond patient and kind. Best of all, he was able to take care of the problem tooth and I had no more pain. He and his front desk person were both wearing masks and gloves and the place was immaculate. I just might have found a new dentist! It was worth the 20 minute ride!"

--Maria N., Mahwah, NJ


"There is only one thing worse than a toothache...a toothache during a pandemic. My dentist was closed and not seeing nay patients even for emergencies. . Lucky for me Dr. Galfund was kind enough to see me as I was in a lot of pain! I was in his office right away. He was compassionate and very thorough. I have an unusual fear of dentists, but throughout the appointment, Dr. Galfund made me feel very comfortable and not anxious at all. He even called a few days later to check up on me. I would highly recommend Dr. Galfund for all your dental needs!"

--Cindy D., Old Tappan, NJ


"I had heard about Dr. Galfund from friends in Tappan, NY where I live. I knew he was taking emergency patients and although I was not his current patient, he readily saw me. I had been told by another dentist I needed a root canal and since I was having pain, I decided to go see Dr. Galfund. I was so delighted when he was able to see me last minute and he examined me to determine if I had a cavity. He put any worries that I had at ease, took care of the issue and I am still so thankful he could see me."

--Maura S., Tappan, NY


"We are so appreciative of Dr. Matt who saw our son during this pandemic. He had a terrible toothache and when the pain returned on Sunday night, he met us at the office right away and took care of him. Thank you so much to Dr. Matt who helped our son out of pain."

--Diana M., Old Tappan, NJ


"My college age son was in terrible pain and had a swelling in his mouth. Our family dentist was not seeing emergencies. I knew Dr. Galfund and family from town and had always heard wonderful things about him. I called and he saw my son right away. He was able to take care of the issue and my son felt so much better. Then a week later, my dad, who lives in NYC and has some heart issues, was experiencing terrible pain in a tooth that needed to be extracted. Dr. Galfund called and got permission from his cardiologist, saw my dad, and got him out of that horrible pain immediately. I honestly can’t thank him enough for helping my family when we needed him."

--Chrissie S., Old Tappan, NJ

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